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All books post in this website Bhakra Free Books are FREE for you to download. 

1) You need to subscribe to our mailing list. You only need to subscribe once to access the download page.

2) You can also sign up multiple times using your same email address but only for different categories. (ex: self-help or Internet marketing)

3) Verify your email confirmation as an opt-in subscriber. 

4) Access download page and Bookmark for future books download.

NOTE:  You are not allow to distribute or giveaway the books or share the download page but you are encourage to share every post to this website and invite friends to download books through email subscription.

I think this is a win/win situation, you get more free books for exchange with your email address.

We will post new books download everyday on the month of February 2019. So, stay tune with us...

Kindly Regards,

Bhakra Gani.


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